A Day Made Better

Working to erase teacher-funded classrooms

The Issue

Every year, teachers spend an average of $1,000
of their own money on classroom supplies.
That's over $4 billion annually. The number
is surprising, the reality is unacceptable.

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Making Progress

OfficeMax® joined with to create
A Day Made Better: A one-day event that awards more
than 1,000 teachers with $1,000 in school supplies, and
brings attention to the issue of teacher-funded classrooms.
Since its inception, we’ve surprised more than 6,700 teachers
and donated $8.85 million in supplies to classrooms
across the country.

October 1, 2013 will mark the seventh anniversary of
this event, and once again we will surprise more than 1,000
teachers with a new chair, loads of classrooms supplies and
the recognition they so richly deserve.

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Hear The Support

“ When you love your
teachers tell them right
away; don’t wait. ”
– Lady Antebellum

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Make A Difference

Surprise A Teacher
Do your own A Day Made
Better surprise. Purchase
assorted classroom supplies,
wrap them up and surprise
a teacher that is important
to you!
Go to the
website and donate directly
to your favorite teacher's


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